Friday, 6 April 2012

The unforgettable memory in my life

Everyone has their own sweet memory…same goes to me….the most thing that I cant forget until know and I think I will not forget forever is when I get all A in my STPM…I just I want to share with u about my feeling on that time..on that day, I think I’ am the most happy person in this world..if u at my place, I think u all also will feel the same thing…I actually did not expect to get all A in my STPM...i’ am very struggle in STPM to get the best…I sacrifice my life to be the best..i’ am actually not the genius one…but, I believe that if we make an effort to achieve what we want, I think there is not impossible…and I always put in my mind one thing that is “nothing impossible in this world”…it depends on our self…there is no simple way to success…all is about our effort….i’ am believe that, success is not only for genius one..everybody has their own right to success as long as he/she make an effort…when we want something, we must hard work to get it…..Alhamdulillah, with bless by Allah SWT, I manage to get what I want….i’ am the first student that get 4A in STPM at my school and I’ am the top 10 best student in Sabah…I’ am proud to my self…I’ am very happy coz I have chance to make my family proud to me…thanx to my parents that coz always support me….thanx also to my friends that willing to face hard time when at STPM…thanx also to all my teachers coz I think without them I can be what I have today..thanx a lot u alls…thankful to Allah SWT for give me this chance n i really appreciate it.....

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