Saturday, 28 April 2012


Name of the project: MAS Appreciation Night 2012: Back To Retro Classic
Date: 26 May 2012
Place: EDC Hotel, UUM
Dress Code: Retro
This is my though project since I become a JKPS at my college….i did not experiences to do the big project like this…I don’t know why other JKPS choose me to become the project director..i think there are a lot of experience student that can be the director of this project. But, I think this is the time for me to learn more how to manage a big project like this….this is the very useful experience…it this me how to work with others and how to become a good is the first meeting for this project..we only give one month to make preparation for this program..hopefully this project is running smoothly n I hope all AJK will give full commitment for this project and I will try my best for this project.

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